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Squires Park


Situated on a former U.S Air Base during the Second World War, Squires Park was named after the 32nd U.S President at the time, Franklin D. Roosevelt, known also as ‘The Squire of Hyde Park’. Built by renowned property developers, Heronslea Group, Squires Park is a development of 50 luxury family homes offering contemporary living in a serene rural setting, with close proximity to London.

This sought-after combination is brought to life through luxury interiors, oversized typography, a rich colour palette and elegant graphic details.  We designed an identity which encapsulated both tradition and modernity and echoed the historical importance of the site’s original use. The road names and each house type was named after the commanding officers’ of the U.S Army 8th Air Force, paying tribute to the fighter group who once served there. These historical references were applied throughout the campaign and all design collateral, from brochure and hoarding design, site signage and marketing suite graphics. Full print and production was carried out for each piece.