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Chinatown London


Chinatown London is a colourful, thriving hub of Chinese and Pan-Asian concepts in the heart of the West End. Boasting over 150 restaurants, bars, shops and cafe’s, it is widely known as the no.1 Chinatown in Europe. Designed and built for Shaftesbury plc, this website was created as a digital marketing tool for property agents to promote any new restaurant and retail units in the area.

Built as a flexible one-page scrolling template, the site can be adapted and customised for continuous future marketing opportunities, allowing an endless combination of fonts, colours and content. 9 Horse and Dolphin Yard was the latest opportunity on the market, offering a unique dining experience with an atmospheric and late night ambience. The site design was customised to reflect this, providing a dynamic and interactive journey of discovery for any interested restaurateur. The site combined a versatile mix of image, typography and illustration alongside a bold colour palette, helping to maintain this vibrant neighbourhood as a world-class destination for both tourists and locals alike.